Kwass'Up is a premium non-alcoholic kvass beverage made right here in U.S. using wholegrain malt. It contains only natural flavors and colors and is lower in sugar and calories than traditional soft drinks. Based on time-honored kvass recipes, Kwass'Up is delicious and satisfying, like no other beverage you've come across.


Kwass'Up features Traditional, Cranberry and Ginger flavors-all delectably refreshing and uncommonly satisfying.

Kvass is a delectably refreshing malted grain beverage enjoyed in Russia and Eastern Europe for centuries as a tonic, digestive aid and natural energy drink.


Pre-dating 989 AD, when it was first mentioned in the official Russian chronicles, kvass's restorative and digestive properties were credited for the legendary Russian strength and stamina. In fact, kvass was considered to be so essential to good health and nutrition that people used to say "even poor kvass is better than good water."

The traditional malting process begins with whole grains such as rye, wheat and barley getting soaked in water until they begin to sprout. This germination process multiplies the already abundant nutrients. The process of fermentation, which occurs at the same time, partially breaks down these nutrients so they are absorbed by the body better and faster.

Premium Traditional Brew

This frothy non-alcoholic brew combines the flavors of beer and sweet tea to create a taste that`s  delectably satisfying. A perennial favorite in Russia, Traditional Brew serves up a legacy of time-honored refreshment.

Premium Cranberry Brew

This non-alcoholic brew offers all the refreshing characteristics of the Traditional Brew but with the piquant taste of cranberries. Let your mouth savor the combined delights of sweet tea, malt flavor, and tangy cranberries. Cranberry Kwass-Up brings a western edge to time-honored classic.

Premium Ginger Brew

This non-alcoholic brew features zingy ginger notes that complement the naturally tangy kvass flavor perfectly. Eastern-inspired ginger lends an additional boost to the already invigorating Kwass'Up line.  If you think this brew would make a great mixer send us your recipe, you could win a featured spot on our site and a full case of Kwass'Up.